New track! “Being Unique”! Chippy!

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Oooooh, the evolution of the title screen!

Oooooh, the evolution of the title screen!


Mine Blocks 1.26.5 changelog!

*Cue fanfare*, Mine Blocks 1.26.5 has released! Again, it’s just a mini-update, but there are some notable additions and fixes!

Play here: :D

I finally got around to rewriting the block code! This means I was able to add commands and fix a bunch of random bugs (I probably added a few bugs too… heehee! Let me know if you find some)!

All of the big additions and bug fixes are listed below!

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New track! :D


Mine Blocks 1.26.4 changelog

Yay! A small Mine Blocks update has released! There are a couple small additions, and a lot of little bug fixes. Hope you enjoy!

Play Mine Blocks 1.26.4


- Added falling block entities
    - TNT and sand cannons are now possible!
- Added special rainbow block (inspired by WeaselZone)!
- Added “Slay a slime” achievement

- Spiders turn docile in sunlight!
- Rewrote crafting recipe code
    - Fixed the rail recipes, and a couple others
    - Changed the shuriken recipe to an X instead of a +
- Dispensers can dispense carts
- Improved breaking animation
- Made hunger drain faster in survival
- Small slimes no longer cause damage

Bug fixes
- Fixed nether eye spawn eggs
- Fixed enderman teleportation issues
- Fixed mob spawning issues
    - Mob spawners work again!
    - Slimes now spawn underground properly!
    - Number of dogs you can own is no longer limited!
- Fixed skeletons shooting themselves
- Fixed annoyance when mining fallen sand/gravel
- Cactus cake can now be eaten
- Fixed skin error message timeout not resetting
- Fixed slimes not targeting the player
- Flying over non-solid blocks no longer causes walking animation

Special thanks to Boodog for helping me find bugs :)