Mine Blocks 1.26 Changelog!

Play Mine Blocks! :D

The update is finally here guys! It’s been nearly a year because of all the work that was put into Mine Blocks 2. Well for the last couple months I’ve spent almost all of my time on this update, adding some awesome features, and trying to make the game much better for new players to get the hang of.

Here are the 3 biggest additions:
1) Skins!
2) Minecarts!
3) Slimes!

And here are the 3 weirdest additions:
1) Lemons! <>
2) Cactus cake!
3) Coral lanterns!

Here are all the amazing additions, changes, and bug fixes in the update:

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"The Place That Takes Shapes" features 14 interesting tracks, totaling to over 42 minutes of trance, dubstep, orchestral and chiptunes. It was made in celebration of February Album Writing Month.

Enjoy! And please consider buying it!


Shown above are some of my tests and progress of trying to create an ideal lighting engine for Mine Blocks 2.  It might not be perfect yet, but so far things are looking pretty good!  See the captions for each picture for some information :D