Mine Blocks 1.25!

It’s finally here!

Play Mine Blocks!

It’s been what seems like forever since the last Mine Blocks was release back in December.  There’s been quite a few big changes to the core of Mine Blocks that will help me make new things much faster.

The three biggest new things in the update are:

  1. Enchantments
  2. Stairs + half slabs
  3. Refined redstone logic

Thank you so much for your patience and support while the update was being made.  Mine Blocks certainly wouldn’t be the same without you!

Here’s the complete list of additions, bug fixes, and improvements:


  • Added 11 stairs and 11 half slabs
    - Stone, cobblestone, brick, nether brick, stone brick, planks, iron, gold, diamond, obsidian, and bedrock
  • Added afro
  • Added coal block
  • Smelting netherrack makes nether brick
  • Passive mobs flee when attacked
  • Enchanting
    - Added experience points and bar
    - Added enchantment table
    - Added 59 enchantments (22 unique)
    - Added experience in a bottle
  • Added dispenser
  • Added dropper


  • Fixed zombies and skeletons crashing the game if they are under a block during the day
  • Fixed sheep not dropping wool on death
  • Fixed arrows in blocks locking your left/right keys
  • Pistons have better functionality
    - Fixed duplicating pistons glitch
  • Iron doors drop correctly
  • Fixed TNT booming crazily
  • Fixed some medal bugs
  • Tweaked damage, health, and armor
    - Fixed diamond and dragon scale armor protection values
  • Portal glitches fixed, I think
  • Fixed bugs with signs
  • The inventory updates when drops are collected
  • Lightning now does damage
  • Fixed bug on Kongregate


  • Improved inventory GUI
  • Improved redstone logic
  • Improved collision detection
  • Updated the creative inventory items
  • New bookshelf texture
  • Changed lapis ore texture
  • Furnaces emit light when smelting
  • Some code optimization
  • Improved backdrop behavior
    - Fixed wooden planks graphic being old
  • Reticle follows mouse better